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August 18, 2008

One World

July 10, 2008

Hi folks!
A new comedy film “VP Lawsuits” has been released on the Internet. Here’s the link below:
PC user:
Mac user:
 Enjoy laughing!
Tom Neville

ASLeye (2005)

May 5, 2008

Deaf funny silent movie using ASL (American Sign Language). no subtitled and audio. Deaf inventors sell their new products for Deaf people on as seen on DTV show. Enjoy! video duration: 25 minutes

Hi folks!
A new comedy film “McImplant” has been released on the Internet. Here’s the link below:
PC user:
Mac user:
Enjoy laughing!
Tom Neville

Invisible Bathroom Mirror

December 26, 2007

(youtube – subtitles) Lol! This was a good prank, I would have freaked like those grannies too.

Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2007

Yeah.. I haven’t been in vlog since! I will be with you after my camera video fixed! so I share you one year old video here… happy holidays!

I’m share my idea for better deaf community in future. could be help each other to find. we sure could use help in that effort! If you have any further information about a missing classmate, PLEASE contact me. thousands of fans deafread could help. familiar these photo? please let me know… click my other weblog

It’s not about I am back but worthly for Deaf community with special to share. last saturday morning which I was free time, I watched DEAF CINEMATIC FILMBLOG (“Wayne Betts, my fear, and redo vlog, “DEJA VU”). I am glad Wayne sent her email and peace! it’s somewhat hit me inspired. I do not know what was right or wrong about copycat, I am not familiar with law things. My partner Dustin Cottrell think it’s nothing. I learned from Iammine about “Aidan Mack & Eddie Veddar From Pearl Jam”. I learned from Gary Brooks “Oh You Copy That Film!!!!”. I am realized that Deaf community is small and they could be open-mind. I enjoyed Wayne’s blue sheet and Aidan’s DELA VU. both movies story are show “repeat”. These kind of mystery story. SO NOW, last saturday morning, my mind pop-up and quick email to Dustin to come here and do film. I would like to share ya’ll with my film SOLVE MYSTERY MOVIE just like PEACE… dunno know what should I named it for best title. “Solve mystery” will do. enjoy and peace! 😀


February 19, 2007

Welcome to my new Vlog.


Awesome vlog, Tom!! 

I saw your other “films” and loved them, too!

I laughed especially at the end…I’m sure many can relate with you on that! 


Feb 19, 5:34 PM


I congratulate you for surviving your first vlog!

Is your refrigeration warm now? Haha.

But, that was very creative! Cool ending!

Happy vlogging!


Feb 19, 4:45 PM


This has got to be one of the most creative VLOGS I’ve seen in a while. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing!

Feb 19, 4:45 PM

Rosa Lee

I totally agree with Todd E. LOVE the “WET” candle! Did you design it yourself? Very creative vlog, btw.

-Rosa Lee

Feb 19, 4:39 PM

Welcome to DeafBlogLand! You are not the only FSD’er veeing his way into the Deaf blogosphere!

BTW, loved your ‘wet’ candle. Pretty neat!

Feb 19, 4:29 PM