Aidan and Wayne’s movies

May 21, 2007

It’s not about I am back but worthly for Deaf community with special to share. last saturday morning which I was free time, I watched DEAF CINEMATIC FILMBLOG (“Wayne Betts, my fear, and redo vlog, “DEJA VU”). I am glad Wayne sent her email and peace! it’s somewhat hit me inspired. I do not know what was right or wrong about copycat, I am not familiar with law things. My partner Dustin Cottrell think it’s nothing. I learned from Iammine about “Aidan Mack & Eddie Veddar From Pearl Jam”. I learned from Gary Brooks “Oh You Copy That Film!!!!”. I am realized that Deaf community is small and they could be open-mind. I enjoyed Wayne’s blue sheet and Aidan’s DELA VU. both movies story are show “repeat”. These kind of mystery story. SO NOW, last saturday morning, my mind pop-up and quick email to Dustin to come here and do film. I would like to share ya’ll with my film SOLVE MYSTERY MOVIE just like PEACE… dunno know what should I named it for best title. “Solve mystery” will do. enjoy and peace! 😀

59 Responses to “Aidan and Wayne’s movies”

  1. Judge said

    Very good! Haha!

  2. I love it!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!! one of the most creative one!!! yes!!!! Thank you!!! make my day!!!

    Gary 🙂

  3. Super Super… you rock it.
    Thanks for sharing that with us.

    A great creative way to restore our Deaf community… Keep going


  4. I have to say one more… this is what Deaf films should be creative, surprise twist, unexpected something that keep me glue to the story! I don’t want to fell asleep I want something that keep me entertaining! you got it!!! clever!!! you have comic reliefs! that’s most important in the deaf films. sorry I am soo overboard because I just love it!!!

    Gary Brooks 😉

  5. drmzz said


  6. White Ghost said

    Wonderful! See, Gary, Aidan, Wayne B. and you are the best! You all already excited me! COOL!

    As of Ridor, he’s the loser!

    White Ghost

    P.S. I am waiting for Wayne and Aidan’s best responses in your film!

  7. Dianrez said

    What a creative capoff to this controversy! I love it! The refrigerator scene at the end was brilliant! Let’s put this flap on ice for good!

  8. Elizabeth said

    That’s a GREAT film! The best I’ve seen! Thanks for be creative.

  9. Karen Mayes said

    Wow, that was a kick! I love it!!!

  10. SAC said

    Hi Tom

    good job!! but I will copycat from your “Refrigeration” ha ha ha


  11. Barb DiGi said

    Ha! Loved it! It is good to see you back!

    Hey that counter is so spotless after going back to it, heh!? If you are running out of counters that need to be cleaned, wanna do mine?

    Nice way of easing the tension in this deaf blogosphere as we need a good chuckle at it!

    It fits the theme: Be kind, please rewind the whole thing!

  12. Brian C. said

    This is nice! I agree with this vlog. All deaf filmmakers and the deaf community should find unity and show support. Prove to Hollywood and the Film Industry that deaf community are worth their time and investments.

  13. Nick Vera said

    Very good creative! I like the way you solved the mystery problem like rewind the past to clean up the mess.

    Keep humoring and entertaining us often. Especially the refrigerator, be careful, Mr. Tazmania guy!

  14. ChrisH said

    I like your idea.That’s a best film!

  15. Jessica said

    To quote Wheezy from Dragon Tales, “Loooove it!”. (Wheezy is the purple dragon who share the body with Zak. That is my kids’ favorite kiddie show.)

  16. JohnABC said

    Welcome back, Tom! Good job on a short film, “Solve Mystery”, smile!

  17. mishkazena said

    *hands waving*

    What an interesting and humorous twist! It’s nice to meet another talented deaf filmmaker! I look forward to more of your movies!

  18. Very creative video entry! Easily one of the better ones released this year. Kudos for the warm message you’re sending out on this issue.

  19. Aidan Mack said

    Thank you so much. I really ENJOYED this FILM so much…Very good! I love it.. Keep it up with good work.. Go Rock on Deaf filmmakers….


  20. Aidan Mack said

    and OUR FANS TOO… :o)

  21. Lisa C. said

    Excellent film!! I like it.

  22. Excellently done! I like the twist, and the humorous ending.

    You surely know how to lighten up the conflict well!

    I actually laughed!


  23. Jac said

    Tom & Dustin!

    Super Thumb Up!

    An excellent creative!

    Keep it up, be professional movies!

  24. ~Vikee` said


  25. Inspired said

    I love this and this is Deafhood!

  26. LS said

    Brilliant made! I loved it. Tom, Welcome back.

    ASL forever

  27. Barney Hyden said

    i love it i got laugh to you i know you long time nothing new

  28. Mia said

    Deaf filmmaker can do it, I hope you all can work together in the future.

  29. michele said

    I was looking for a twist, I thought that maybe the scared man would go to the computer or whatever so he had me fooled to the end, very memerizing. good job!

  30. PrincessOrchid said

    It’s Excellent and Very Good!

  31. ana and jose said


  32. b.a.d said

    Good Thinking!!!

    Good Film!!

    Excellent 🙂 BRAVO!!

  33. Wonderful camera work and an unique way to tell a message.

  34. Vans said

    Rocks !!! 🙂

  35. Jason said

    Hello, dustin from f.s.d.b. class of 1993 same as me. I want to tell you are excellent film and good keep up tom and dustin!

  36. jackie said

    That’s something and reassuring… Making it interesting and nothing haunting… Good ending, wanna do my countertop because you’re so good at it?!!! Keep up the good work deafhood & filmmaker~ 🙂

  37. […] Aidan and Wayne’s movies  [Google Video] It’s not about I am back but worthly for Deaf community with special to share. last saturday […] […]

  38. LaRonda said


    ~ LaRonda

  39. oscartheobserver said


  40. kira said

    super! double thumbs up! double toe thumbs uppp too!

  41. Enjoyed it!!

    Looking forward more short films from you again soon 🙂


  42. Teri said

    Ha! What a great twist!

    Good job!

  43. David said

    Simply brillant!!!

  44. Joey Baer said


  45. Forrest said


  46. Peachlady said


  47. Genius idea! Keep filming!

  48. tomvlog said

    More Than Welcome and A World Of Thanks

    Tom and Dustin

  49. IamMine said

    Tom and Dustin,

    I apologize for being SO LATE!!

    I tried to make a short video using my new video camera to respond… through my dryer! 😀

    It was too much work… ugh. I have more respect for all of you filmmakers! *wipes forehead, curses at camera*


    That was a piece of work!! I loved it!! 😀

    And welcome back, Tom!!! 🙂

    Don’t be gone too long this time! 😀

  50. william said

    it is ellectment look like real action lol like scary movie..

  51. todos la vie said

    Thanks for allowing me to chuckle!

  52. Thomas said


  53. Paul Kiel said

    VERY GOOD! I laughed so hard! Especially with Tom at the end… HA HA

    Keep up good work! =)

  54. Jon said

    *Thumb up*

    My friend forward this clip to me.. Excellent job!!

    Good to see you in Kissimee, FL.

    Keep up, Dude!!

    Jon Savage

  55. kgs said

    instructions for people who don’t get it:


    still don’t get it?



    tommy & dustin: great work!

  56. Deafkathy said

    I didnt see this vlog until now after checking whos on nominated for DeafRead award and when through each nominated people’s site.
    WOW, you made the film impossible to resist in voting for you, brillo twist video I have ever seen!
    Good job!

  57. ZoZombie said

    Signless (Speechless) Very well. Love it. You got my vote for this.

  58. […] titled, “Aidan and Wayne’s” entry in Tom’s Vlog. Starring by Dustin Cottrell and Directed by Tom Neville. Inspired by Wayne […]

  59. deafridge said


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